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Polyester and epoxy adhesive/glues, abrasive and polishing powders, self-polishers, waxes, detergents, water and oil repellent, sealers, agers, crystallizers, silicon and acrylic and polyurethane sealants,chemical anchors and epoxy sealants, cement glues for laying stones, terracotta and ceramic tiles, cleaning and maintenance kits for the house and professional kits make up a catalogue of more than 130 items.

In the last years GENERAL give always more resources to the research and production of water based products to satisfy the more and more inalienable needs to defend the environment and to limit the pollution.

Present on the market of more than 70 countries in the five continents with a close connection manufacturer-distributor-user, GENERAL always paid a special attention to the structural changes of the markets and has established cooperation and interests with other companies in Italy, Portugal and China carrying out production synergies and giving technical assistance to be always a more reliable partner for the professional.

General is synonym of engagement for constant quality, research and development in the wake of the best Italian tradition.